The Nodal System is introduced in the Bank to guide, support and help the Branches in proper functioning, customer service and maintenance.  In the Nodal System, the Bank has felt necessary that the Senior Officers should be in-charge of the branches. The Nodal System is the best way for effective functioning and monitoring the delivery mechanism at gross root level of the Bank i.e., Branches, PACS and other Member Societies.

Each Senior Officer called “Nodal Officer” is allotted with few branches for monitoring/guidance and support. These Nodal Officers will be the in-charge of allotted branches. The Nodal Officers are instructed to visit all the branches and necessary review will be there on the overall working/functioning of the Branch with the branch staff. On every visit the Nodal Officer personally verify/organize/review the aspects entrusted in their orders. The Nodal Officers are responsible for redress all the problems and re-solve them then and there.  They should assign specific targets/duties to staff and also ensure timely furnishing of information and also to maintain all the Books of Accounts and other all the ledgers, registers etc., as required with special emphasis to

  1. Orderly maintenance of books of A/cs, safe custody of documents etc.
  2. Controlling the contingent expenditure.
  3. Coverage of legal action of overdue cases of Branch/PACS.
  4. Targets and achievements of Mobilization of deposits, recovery of loans etc.,
  5. Review of PACS C.E.Os atleast once in a month

Items/Issues to be verified/reviewed/inspected by the Nodal Officers during their visit to the Branches

  1. Verification of cash balance and remittance of surplus balance to Head office/ Regional Office.
  2. Up-to-date maintenance of cash book/General Ledger and submission of Cashbook Abstracts to Head Office on daily basis.
  3. Ensure safe custody of DD Books / ChequeBooks / Receipt Books / F.D receipt Books etc.,/ Computerized FD Receipts, etc.
  4. Verification of gold loan bags as entrusted by Head Office.
  5. Verification of test calculation of interest receipts / payments under major accounts.
  6. Verification of movement register of Supervisors/Managers.
  7. Upto date maintenance of D.V files and Declarations.
  8. Review of Items under Sundry Debtors / Sundry Creditors.
  9. Reconciliation of Head office, APCOB and notified Banks accounts.
  10. Inspection of PACS.
  11. Review of Recovery and action on NPAs at Branches / PACS.
  12. Review of passing on of collections by PACS.
  13. Maintenance and updation of leave registers at Branch level.
  14. Rectification/Compliance of Audit, APCOB, NABARD inspection observations.
  15. Other instructions issued from time to time.